【English Diary】Apple Admits it Slows Some Older iPhones

Today, I tried to lesson ‘DAIRY NEWS’ by DMM English.
Today’s ‘DAIRY NEWS’ is ‘Apple Admits it Slows Some Older iPhones’.

First, I read new vocabulary and the article.
Next, I answered questions for my DMM English teacher.
Finally, I discussed today’s lesson article using.
However, I shouldn’t finish only discussions.
This material has still many themes.
If I’d like to become more fluent in English, I need to try “Further Discussion”, “Sentence Building” and “Summary”.
Here I would like to write a daily diary and challenge the DMM lessons to the end.
I will do my best to gradually write a long sentence.
Please tell me if I’m saying something wrong.

New Vocabulary

intentionally (adverb): /ɪnˈtenʃənəlion/ purpose; deliberately

widespread (adjective): /ˈwaɪdˈsprɛd / happening or existing in many places

cite (verb): / saɪt / to mention or quote something

capacity (noun) / kəˈpæsɪtiː / the maximum amount that something can hold

demand (noun) / dɪˈmænd / the amount of goods or services that people want or need


Apple Admits it Slows Some Older iPhones

Many people have long believed Apple intentionally slows down performance of iPhones in an effort to get users to buy new ones.
For the first time, Apple has admitted to slowing some iPhones down. But the company explained it only took the action last year to prevent battery-related shutdowns.
Apple’s action – and the company’s decision to keep it secret – led to widespread criticism from industry analysts and iPhone owners.
Many people have complained about being forced to either buy a new, expensive iPhone or switch brands to fix the problem.
The issue of iPhone slowdowns in certain phones was recently noted by the founder of software maker Primate Labs. In his post, John Poole cited test results suggesting repeated reductions in iPhone performance over time.
Poole believed Apple must have made changes to the iOS software to limit iPhone performance when battery capacity reached a certain point.
A few days later, Apple released a statement admitting it made the software change. It said the action was needed to prevent certain devices from suddenly shutting down.
Wired magazine’s Jordan McMahon pointed out that Apple could have handled the situation better before deciding to secretly slow the phones.
Several economic analysts have lowered predictions for 2018 shipments of the iPhone X as some news reports also suggested there will be much lower demand.

quote from DAIRY NEWS and VOA news

In today’s news, there were lots of words I do not know, so I could not read it smoothly. I just finished reading English conversation time.
First of all, I understand the meaning of the new word. And I understand the content of the article.
I will receive the same content tomorrow’s lesson. Let’s prepare for questions and discussions that I have taken one step further.

Anyway, this article is very interesting.



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